Our Story


Stay and Chill

A photo of Joey, the owner of Joey's Custard

Joey and his mama Debi Almeida launched the store in June of 2016. Initially truly a "mom and son shop", the two set out to bring the community together by providing a comforting and welcoming ice cream parlor meets cafe environment. A simple motto came together in those early days; which is: "Aspire Nobly, Encourage Harmony, Serve Humbly". Joey, with the dream of making a staple island business, and Debi, with the dream of handing off the business to her son one day when he was ready!

Like many fortunate small businesses, we've changed and grown so much over the years, and that once 'mom and son shop' evolved into a true island sanctuary company, both of their dreams coming true in the process of challenges and success'. Kids, teens, adults, parents, and retiree's alike; gather to treat themselves to a Custard or coffee and more! To this day Joey remains on staff working each week and working behind the scenes to keep the staff at optimum service and success, Joey also works mainly with youth and young adults in various ministries in the area and is known to be around the Island everyday!  

The store has naturally become a place local kids come to work, a lot of them sticking around for years as managers, or senior staff, and then stepping out after high school or college. We believe faithfully in giving young men and women a chance to learn valuable management and life skills while they work with us. That motto really became our method of business and how we would one day run our company! We hope you'll see the good in giving young men and women these opportunities, and help us grow as we go! Joey himself was only 23 when we started and earned his "Business Degree" between our four walls. We hope to do the same in a limited way for all the youth who grace our counter service.  

We are very blessed, and love what we do here, Serving the island and world around us! Come see why and how we believe we're changing the world; one scoop at a time. One Day at a time.

~Joey and the team ~

Family Owned since 2016. Locals since 1998