Our Story


It's all in the family...

At Joey’s Custard, we like to say this is “Where OUR Family Serves YOUR Family”… and Joey’s has ALWAYS been a truly locally and family owned small business. The story of Joey’s ownership has been one of God-Sized proportion.

Our Motto:
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About the owners

The owners of Joey’s Custard are the Dellenback Family (Erik,
Liz, Blake, Tyler, Emma, Sarah and Layla) and Sanibel has been part of their life for more than 40 years going back to when Erik was just a boy visiting his grandparents at their Sanibel condo. Like many of you know, Sanibel becomes a part of you... and years later Erik and Liz would bring the kids for week visits, then month visits until they ultimately went “all in” and made the leap to be Sanibel Residents.

Young Erik with his grandparents in Sanibel circa 1980

Becoming a part of Joey's Custard

Prior to owning the store or living on the island, the Dellenbacks discovered Joey’s Custard during one of those month-long trips to the island while Liz was pregnant (...one of the many times 🙂). What started as a pregnancy craving evolved into so much more… their oldest boys started working at Joey’s whenever the family was in town, and they started getting to know Joey really well (even going on an RV/camping trip together!) Erik and Joey connected deeper through bible study and began talking and dreaming about the future. Then in early 2021, Joey was ready to step down from shop ownership and pursue a new dream. Joey had met his bride, Abby, while running the shop, and she happened to be a very close family friend of
the Dellenbacks, just like another daughter to them as she had lived with them during her gap year. Everyone spent a lot of time praying about the future of Joey’s, and it became clear that the Lord had brought them all together as part of a plan for each of their lives, but also for the future of this iconic ice cream shop.

A familiar constant in a changing world

There are so many people, both within the business world and community, who have made Joey’s what it is today. What started as Zebra Frozen Yogurt in this space over 10 years ago became Joey’s Custard when the previous owner saw something in Joey and wanted to help him get his business up and running. Many locals are regulars here, visiting the shop several times a week. Families from all over the world have traveled here to make Joey’s a special part of their vacations.

A new beginning - in more ways than one

We are so blessed to carry on the tradition of excellence within this amazing community, and we are committed to providing an unforgettable experience to everyone who walks through our door. From our family to yours, we are grateful for you and we hope to serve you again soon!

dellenback and almedia wedding family photo
Joey's Timeline
Joey's Custard Family Grows

Through months of prayers and conversations, Joey sells Joey’s Custard to two of his closest friends and prayer partners, Erik and Elizabeth Dellenback who have 5 children, two of whom have worked at Joey’s for years. The Dellenback family is fully committed to ensuring that the Joey’s Custard culture continues in a way that will honor the Lord and serve the community and its visitors.

Zebra becomes Joey's Custard

The Zebra ownership family takes a huge leap of faith and invests in a Sanibel Local, 24-year-old Army veteran Joey Almeida and his mom Debi by selling them the shop...For a deal they could not refuse 🙂 This launches the name change to Joey’s Custard. Joey and his mom, Debi, create a culture that invests in the youth and young adults who represent this island and its neighboring towns. They pour their hearts into creating a welcoming atmosphere all while serving up the most premium ice cream and delicious homemade custard. Joey’s becomes known for hiring young professionals and training them up to provide the exceptional customer service you experience at Joey’s Custard everyday.

Zebra opens in Sanibel

A Sanibel family from Europe launches a frozen yogurt shop named Zebra and begins serving frozen treats to Sanibel from our incredible spot in Baileys Center.

Family and Locally Owned